Sarah Lisanne John

International Moderator • Economist • Trainer

I'm delighted that you're here.

As a presenter and moderator, I would like to work with you to make the world a slightly better place. How? Quite simply: I bring people into conversation with each other.

Where people engage in conversation, the foundation for collaboration and cooperation is laid.

I look forward to working with you.

My philosophy

If something is important to me in life, it is: understanding each other.

What do I mean by that? For me, understanding each other means being able to express what you really want to say. Conveying the right messages and conveying messages correctly. But also listening to each other and changing perspectives.

Those who understand each other can achieve great things together.


About me

My moderation home is a wide variety of formats and events: from workshops to science slams to international conferences.

As a multi-award-winning debater, I know how words can work on stage and how to give them the right effect. I am also an experienced speechwriter and can get to the heart of the issues that concern you. As a trained mediator, I ensure relaxation in tense situations and am trained in initiating a change of perspective.

I studied international economics, political science and psychology.


What I offer

You can book me as a moderator (German/English) for different formats:

As a Host / EmCee, I will guide you confidently and authentically through the program of your conference or event and take your audience with me the whole way. I accompany specialist conferences as a sincere and reliable presenter and conduct meticulously prepared and critical (panel) discussions. With my experience as a mediator in large groups, I also moderate difficult conversations and group processes.

In collaboration with DebateConsult I also offer debating training and, as a master trainer for the German Debating Society (DDG e.V.), train trainers.

I would be happy to discuss with you how I can best support you in a non-binding preliminary discussion. I look forward to meeting you.

Topics that particularly concern me: sustainable development, climate and environmental protection, justice, social cohesion and international cooperation.


I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Photo sources: ThinkTank Lab/Stephan Röhl and IDOS/Dirk Enters